We have the highest expectation for our children and we try our best to ensure each child achieves its full potential, having a good knowledge and understanding of Islam, with a strong Islamic identity, and true love of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH).We want our children to be enthusiastic, confident, and independent learners. Emphasis is laid on development of concepts instead of rote .The school strives to add value with an enhanced and integrated Islamic curriculum.


Required Age:

Grade Age Requirement
I 5 yrs 6 months till 6 yrs 6 months
II 6 yrs 6 months till 7 yrs 6 months
III 7 yrs 6 months till 8 yrs 6 months
IV     8 yrs 6 monthstill9yrs 6 months
V 9 yrs 6 months till 10yrs 6 months

Boys section from Pre-Nursery to Grade II in Campus II